"Gladys is very diligent and passionate in what she does as a formidable Real Estate Agent Professional. She pays attention to your specific needs as well as your budget. She is highly talented technologically and makes excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases to quickly find us a variety of homes for sale in the best school districts. A master with the contract negotiations, Gladys can come up with a deal that is good and tailored for the buyer and also for the seller with you the buyer at heart. She knows Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) metropolitan area and market like the back of her hand. There is nothing that drifts Gladys’s attention when it comes to property for sale in this area. After knowing her for 20 years plus within the same DFW metroplex; I am confident Gladys is versed and savvy of the real estate market here and beyond. I found Gladys to be a highly attentive agent. She is very time conscious and will return all phone calls and emails the same day. I doubt you will ever feel neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. I am please to recommend Gladys Ntaryike without reservations to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in my opinion and will not hesitate to use her services. "
Franklin F
"Gladys is a very professional, caring person that will go the extra mile to help you. She has a GREAT personality and GREAT customer service. I highly recommend Gladys for all your realtor/investor needs."
Ileana T
"I have known Gladys for over a dozen years. Gladys has lots of outstanding qualities. She is very knowledgeable, reliable and always yearning to exceed the expectations of those she does business with. She is very friendly, communicates effectively and always available. she is a great leader and buttresses empathy during all business transactions. Lastly, she makes it a duty to uphold her integrity and trust."
Fred C
"I have personally had the pleasure of working as a Staff Pharmacist under the direction of Gladys. Gladys excels in customer service. She is smart, motivated and committed to excellence in customer service. She works diligently to ensure that all issues and questions are resolved promptly. All these skills are transferable to real estate which why I know Gladys is a great Real Estate Agent and I would highly recommend her. "
Kathy A